Last night we hosted the AngularJS London meetup at our office. Each month the theme alternates between getting started with Angular and Angular in the enterprise, with us hosting the latter. We look at tools and techniques that help teams deliver great Angular apps. A huge part of that is quality and testing, two things we’re very passionate about at Wonga. This month we focussed on acceptance testing.

Acceptance testing encourages communication within a software team. BDD formalises acceptance testing and adds the idea that acceptance criteria can be executable, your spec can be run. Cucumber.js is a simple tool for translating acceptance criteria into JavaScript and Protractor lets you interact with your Angular application easily. Together they provide a powerful way to ensure your software does what it should.

In the talk, I introduced acceptance testing, BDD, Cucumber.js and Protractor and then talked about some of the patterns we’ve found for acceptance testing Angular apps.

(Sorry for the poor quality of the video.)

Slides: Acceptance testing with Cucumber.js and Protractor

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