I’m one of the organisers of the AngularJS London meet up, which attracts 150-200 people each month. Here are some of the things we’ve done to make the group successful and how we’re going to keep growing it.

  1. Pick a topic people are interested in. If you choose an emerging technology or idea you’re likely to have growth.
  2. Get great speakers. People who have a public persona from writing books, maintaining popular open source projects or regular public speaking will make for great events.
  3. Use the web to promote your group. We use meetup.com which is excellent. A lot of people use Eventbrite or Facebook and there are many other options as well.
  4. Get the right size venue for your audience. A venue that’s too small or too large detracts from the content.
  5. Expect attendees to drop out at the last minute, anything from 20-50% depending on your location, topic, speaker and how busy your community members are.
  6. Give people food and drink if you can. Everybody comments on how well organised our events are. I’m sure what they really mean is how awesome the free food and drink are.
  7. Look for a permanent sponsor or host. This reduces the amount of work you have to do for each event.
  8. Publish information from the event: slides, photos, videos, code, etc. Making content available means people that couldn’t be there don’t have to miss out. It also gives potential new members an idea of what to expect.
  9. Don’t just do talks, make sure there’s opportunities for people to talk to each other and share ideas and problems. You can try other formats such as dojos, show and tell or lightning talks.
  10. Consider multiple smaller, local groups in addition to any large groups, to keep the community vibe alive as you grow.